Our Story

You might have heard of us in the past
as code4covid and Covid Tech Support


Code4covid was founded in March 2020 as a Slack group for digital professionals to gather and build tools in the wake of the pandemic.

Covid Tech Support was soon born within that to help with external requests for support, and brought a wider spin to the original mission: linking non-profit organisations and charities that needed digital help to survive during Covid-19 to professionals offering pro-bono services.


Since then the 2 groups have worked as the 2 sides of the same coin assessing incoming projects requests and matching them with the relevant skilled volunteers from our community.

And as the community grew to over 1,500 tech volunteers from around the world, we’ve built projects and teams for over 250 organisations including Crisis, Mencap, Covid Mutual Aid as well as assisting community groups and local charities all over the world.


We feel incredibly fortunate that our efforts have received amazing media coverage from the beginning and have been awarded a Tech4Good Award and a Points of Light award from 10 Downing Street.

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Owen Bowden

Insight & Analytics Lead at Mencap

Khadija Ahmed

Founder of Afyah Support Group

Emily Bazalgette

digitAllies volunteer 

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Our Present

As our engagement grew from specific covid-related projects to those every-day societal ones, it only felt right that we merged under a single name and entity that could mirror that wider mission: To support charities and non-profit organisations with their digital challenges by providing pro-bono professional services on an ad-hoc project basis.

So here we are. Still going strong, and eager to help making the world a bit better place through technical and digital solutions: we are digitAllies!


The Team

Cinzia Ricciardone

Founder & Co-Chair

Jules Decol

Founder & Co-Chair

Marc Sloan

Founder & Co-Chair

Victoria Collins


Viveka Ramakrishnan


Monique Twyman

Communication Officer

Peter Scherschel



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The vital work of digitAllies has been broadly recognised across many major outlets. We are motivated by the notion that our work is necessary.